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Precise matching of eligible patients with qualified physicians. We support the decentralized model for treatment / evaluation in a nearby clinic or at home.

Making patient recruitment and retention easier


Spent on Patient Recruitment Yearly


Average Cost to Identify and Initiate a Site


Lost Daily Due to Delay In Patient Recruitment

Over 100+ hospitals across Africa partner with Infiuss Health

Results are not improving. Statistics don’t lie

When patients are enrolled, retention is a challenge.


fail to enroll a single patient


of sites currently under-enroll


is the average dropout rate


of clinical trials fail to retain enough patients

Who are we and what do we represent?

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A diverse pool of research participants

At INFIUSS Health, we have an active, growing register of over 21,000 patients with known indications, who are willing to participate in research studies.

Create a Study

Enter details of your study, including indication, protocol synopsis and eligibility criteria, into our platform.

Review of Request

We review the features of the study protocol, exploring risks and identifying. We search our database and connect you eligible study participants.

Get Your List of Participants

We connect participants to nearby investigational sites offering a customizable service to obtain informed consent and perform study start-up activities.

Find Eligible Participants for your Research and Clinical Trials

“ We recently completed clinician surveys from clinicians in Cameroon and Nigeria. If we were to set up those interviews on our own, it would have taken months to meet the right contacts, do the back and forth to schedule, and find a translator. Instead, it took us less than one week. ”


“ Infiuss Health helped me find the right participants for my thesis in under 3 days. I had been working on this for 5months due to my inability to recruit and retain the participants I needed. ”


Asked Questions

What are Probe and eProbe?

Probe is our Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) Platform that combines everything you need to carryout your research study remotely in Africa.

eProbe (probe enterprise) is our enterprise offering built to meet the most demanding requirements for larger organisations needing complete control over their remote clinical trial processes in Africa.

Why do we recruit from Africa?

Africa is a large and growing population. By 2050, Africa will be home to over 2.5 billion people. Although previously in only infectious diseases, there is a high disease burden, with Africans bearing 17% of the global disease burden. In contrast, only 2.5% of global clinical trials are performed in Africa. This means that majority of clinical trials are devoid of data from a large and diverse population from the world's most genetically diverse continent

What support do you provide?

We provide a flexible and adaptable service to our clients to catalyze increased access to patients and shorten cycle times. We have clinical research professionals with global training and local expertise that can perform regulatory and ethics submissions, site initiations and all aspects of site monitoring and management, should our clients desire this. We also provide real-time participant data and predictive analytics that includes study completion, enrolment and retention

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